SortBird Usecases | A different numbers game

How well do you know your audience?

Who are the MVPs? Who engages with your Twitter/X posts the most? Who likes everytime you post something? What about the ones that actually leave human comments?

Engage but no follow?

What % of people who like, comment or repost ypur content don't follow you yet?

What posts determined the most influent of your followers to engage?

What tweets were liked by the most popular accounts? What tweets were commented by the popular accounts? These comments can make the difference between a post that goes nowhere and a viral hit

Who are your top likers/commenters/reposters?

The ones that are alwasy present there, liking, reposting, replying, sparking conversations in the comments section! Discover the top ones!

Who are your new likers/commenters/reposters?

New friends in the house? Check out who they are!

Who are your most influent likers/commenters/reposters?

10% of your followers get you 90% of the exposure, with their interactions! Identify them and nurture relationships!

Progressive Likers Decay

Past active audience members that went inactive? They used to engage with your posts a lot in the past, but haven't heard from them in a while? Discover them and re-engage! This can go a long way!

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